In order to purchase land, click and drag your mouse to select a region (only parcels marked purple), then click on the Buy the Land button. ATTENTION! After completing your purchase, you must click on the button! The button will immediately create your account. Otherwise your account will be created much later (no sooner than 48 hours from the time of purchase.)

Right before completing your purchase, enter the following e-mail address: into the safe list of your mail box. An e-mail letter will be sent to you from that address with the temporary password of your account.

Carefully memorize the e-mail address you will be using for this purchase. Selene City will send you a reminder of your password if you forget it, but will not restore your e-mail address if you forget it.


Meaning of the colors:

- Available for sale. (Parcels marked purple can be purchased from this page.)

- Can be purchased from eBay ONLY! Cannot be purchased from this page! Buy from eBay

- Already Sold!


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